Choosing the right copywriters

How to choose a copywriting company

How to choose a copywriter for your business.

(If you’re only interested in price, please read the last paragraph!)

We often get asked: “What kind of copywriters are you?”We therefore thought it might be useful for you, dear reader, to define the myriad types of skills and benefits the all-encompassing term “copywriting” can bring and what you should look for if you’re considering working with someone who lists “copywriter” as their profession.

(A note before we start; here at Copywriting London we actually define ourselves as business people first, writers second. Our team work for us because they’ve all succeeded in business environments where sales and profits were the true indicators of their prowess. The fact we’re skilled marketeers and creative copywriters is the icing on the proverbial cake for our clients.)

The catch-all term ‘copywriting’ hides a number of different skills and specialisations. Each copywriter offers a unique blend of abilities, which is likely to include some of the following:

(As the aforementioned hard-nosed business people, we’d be remiss not to plug ourselves as well so we’ll point you towards a few examples of our work to prove the points we make. And don’t just take our word for it – look at our testimonials from across the business world

  • Marketing materials. Writing general marketing collateral such as leaflets and brochures. Have a look at our work for DFS on a direct-mail Christmas brochure in our portfolio section on our website.

  • Advertising. Thinking up creative concepts for adverts to appear in print, broadcast or digital media, and writing the content for them. We’re very proud of the work we’ve done with the new fashion brand, Snide London, as they launch into the UK market.

  • Websites. Writing content for online publication. Some copywriters may offer allied skills in website planning, considering usability and SEO (see below). Most copywriters will happily work alongside web designers and developers so that a site’s layout, content and functionality all work in harmony. We specialise here as we bring real commercial clout to our clients’ websites and have done so across a huge variety of markets, from fashion to insurance, from telecoms to estate agents. Two recent examples are

  • SEO (search engine optimisation). Writing content for websites in such a way that it appeals to search engines, with the aim of achieving a high ranking in search results. Some copywriters may offer related skills in web page coding, site structuring, keyword selection, link building and other areas. The SEO copywriter often works in partnership with an SEO consultant, SEO agency or web developer.

  • Content Marketing. Another side of SEO copywriting andone of the most effective forms of online marketing. Words drive traffic to websites. and your website needs those keywords covered. We use our copywriting expertise and real-world nous to generate new content for your business, and therefore more traffic.

  • Blog Writing.Every business needs a blog and every blog needs a writer. We can be your writers as we are for so many businesses across the UK. We bring your blog back to life and keep it up-to-date with our business-focussed copywriting.And Google loves blogs!

  • Public relations (PR). Writing press releases and other material designed to gain coverage in print and broadcast media. Some copywriters may also handle the distribution of the release, but most tend not to – this is usually the job of a PR agency or consultant. Of course we can do this for you – have a look at this piece we recently placed in the Insurance Times

  • News Articles.One of our key differentiators is some of our team have actually worked on some of the UK’s leading national newspapers, including The Sun, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday People, The Times, and The Financial Times. We know how to write for a vast array of audiences and demographics. We know how to write for audiences with short attention spans, audiences that have a myriad of choices, audiences that want a detailed analysis, and audiences who pay our wages!

  • B2B. Not a discipline so much as a market focus, business-to-business simply means writing communications from one business to another. Our team have run businesses in sectors such as engineering, business conferencing, and commercial insurance so we know what works.

  • B2C. In contrast with B2B, business-to-consumer copywriting is about helping companies sell to the public. Our team have run businesses in home furnishings, retail, and the building sector. We know what gains public trust and wins business.
  • Proofreading.  Some copywriters also offer proofreading services to correct grammatical errors that you may have overlooked including punctuation, verb tense, spelling, and sentence structure. At Copywriting London we perform these services for a number of clients. We’re very good at ensuring technical documents, written by experts in their field, have had an expert go through them with a fine tooth comb, making sure the English is correct and it all makes sense. You can read what Pharmig, a microbiological interest group, say about us here

· What kind of person? So much for the ‘hard’ factors – skills and experience. But what will it be like working with a particular copywriter? Will you get on? Will they ‘get’ your business and the messages you want to communicate? Here at Copywriting London we always recommend you pick up the phone, or arrange a meeting with us so you can get to know and trust us and make sure we’ll add real value to your marketing plans.

In summary, some copywriters focus exclusively one area, and this may possibly be reflected in what they call themselves. For example, the job title ‘SEO copywriter’, unknown ten years ago, is now commonplace. However, two so-called ‘copywriters’ might have vastly different skillsets if one concentrates on writing websites for charities, while the other creates ad concepts for household care brands. Make sure you know who you’re dealing with.

Other copywriters describe themselves as generalists, or ‘jacks of all trades’. They still may have some areas that are stronger than others, but they can prove a good choice for the smaller businesses that need a range of things writing and will benefit from a long-term relationship with a single writer.

If you’ve been playing close attention to the article, you might now becoming to the conclusion that Copywriting London is a best-of-all-worlds solution for your marketing project.

Addendum – experience also comes into the equation. There will always be a new start up willing to work for you at, what at first seem, very low prices. More experience naturally translates into higher prices. Seasoned professionals, particularly those who can show they’ve delivered for major brands or top agencies, don’t come cheap and are unlikely to discount. As in all walks of life, you get what you pay for.

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